Setting up monthly pages in my Budget Planner

The New Year is just around the corner and it’s time to set up my monthly Budget Planner page for January.

If you would like to see how it set up Budget Planner and Financial Trackers please check out my 2021 Budget Planner Set up

*** Update: 2022 Budget Planner Setup ***

Account Balances

The first page will be an overview of all my accounts. I keep track of the beginning balances and the ending balances. This will give me a total amount of assets and liabilities as well as the change in Net Worth.

Budget Planner

Monthly Overview

The next page is a monthly overview. I haven’t filled it out completely yet but have added the headers. I think I will use it for unusual things specific to the month. For example, my Costco membership is due in January. This could also work for upcoming birthdays, vacations, etc…The No Spend tracker is being used for unnecessary, non-essential purchases. This won’t include Groceries, Gas, and Pet Food in my case.

Budget Planner Monthly Pages

Monthly Budget

Here is where I plan out my budget for the month. The monthly budget stickers divide the page into the following categories:

  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Debt
  • Savings

The expense category is further broken out into:

  • Fixed Expenses (Bills)
  • Living Expenses (Groceries, Gas, etc.)
  • Other Spending (Entertainment, Fun Money)
  • Sinking Funds (Clothing, Gifts, Car maintenance)

I am following the zero-based budgeting method and all income is allocated between expenses, debt, and savings.

Monthly Budget Planner

Weekly Check-In

The Weekly Check-in is for my living expenses. I am just having these categorized as groceries, gas, and pet food/supplies. I add up the total amount that I have spent each week on these items and subtract it from the total budgeted amount. 

Budget Planner Weekly Check-in

Sinking Funds

Each month I allocate a certain amount to each sinking fund. These are not necessarily expenses yet. It is more like saving up for expenses that happen at some point. Some might be monthly like clothing and personal care and others like subscriptions could be yearly. 

Budget Planner Sinking Funds

Transaction Log

Here I will keep track of all transactions in my checking account. This would resemble the monthly account statement you would get from your bank. All in- and outflows will be recorded with a running balance. 

Budget Planner Transaction Log

Monthly budget sticker kits are available in my shop for purchase with more designs being added frequently.

I hope you liked my monthly budget planner setup. Please let me know if you have any questions. I might tweak a few things for the first month. 

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Thanks so much!!!!